2013-2014 Pathfinder Non-Hybrid CVT Warranty Extension

This CVT warranty extension is being provided as an owner satisfaction effort to address owner concerns, including those concerns expressed by plaintiffs in class action litigation, and is subject to final approval of the settlement of that litigation. Prior to final approval, Nissan will make any necessary repairs that would be covered under the extended CVT warranty.

Nissan will extend the warranty coverage for Continuously Variable Transmission assembly (including internal CVT components, gaskets, and seals), CVT control valve body, and torque converter from its original duration of 5 years/60,000 miles to 7 years/84,000 miles, whichever comes first on 2013-2014 Pathfinder. Coverage of other vehicle components remains unchanged, and all other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of Nissan’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty continue to apply.


When will vehicle owners be notified?

Nissan will begin notifying owners in December 2016, advising them of the warranty extension.

Is my vehicle safe to drive?

Yes. This an extension of the Warranty

I have lost confidence in the vehicle. Will Nissan replace or repurchase the vehicle?

This warranty extension is being conducted for customer satisfaction purposes. There is no basis for replacing or repurchasing the vehicle.

Will I have to take my vehicle back to the selling dealer to have any warranty work performed?

No, any authorized Nissan dealer is able to perform this diagnostic software update.

If I previously paid for CVT repairs or replacement are they eligible for reimbursement within the terms of the extended warranty?

You may be eligible for reimbursement for any repairs that were previously performed for this issue. Full details are provided on this web site.

How many vehicles are involved in the campaign?

The potentially affected vehicles are as follows:

Region Pathfinder (R52)
USA 172,080
Canada 17,384
American Samoa 10
Guam 91
Puerto Rico 1,382
Saipan 10
U.S. Virgin Islands 3
TOTAL 190,960


Make/Model Dates of Manufacture
MY2013-14 non-hybrid Nissan Pathfinder (R52) June 20, 2012 through September 20, 2014
Are you offering this customer satisfaction opportunity on any other Nissan (or Infiniti) models?

Yes. Certain non-hybrid MY2013 Infiniti JX35 and non-hybrid MY2014 Infiniti QX60 vehicles may also be eligible to receive an extended warranty.

2013-2014 Pathfinder Non-Hybrid CVT Warranty Extension

If you would like to submit your documents online, please click the following link:


You may also submit your reimbursement form via email or fax by downloading and completing the following form.

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