2009 Murano Brake Fluid Flush

Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Service Campaign to flush the brake fluid, install new DOT 4 brake fluid, and inspect the Antilock Brake System (ABS) actuator on specific 2009 Nissan Murano vehicles. If the ABS actuator fails the inspection after the system has had the brake fluid flushed and upgraded, dealers will replace the ABS brake actuator. A new brake fluid cap with DOT 4 fluid specifications will be installed and an owner’s manual update will be provided to the customer.

Is this a Stop Sale?


Is this a safety recall?

No, but it is important that all vehicles subject to this service campaign be remedied as quickly as possible, and always, when entering the service department for any reason. If customers call, encourage them to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.

What is the reason for this Voluntary Service Campaign?

You may may experience increased brake pedal travel or low pedal feel because of brake fluid pressure fluctuation.

What is the possible effect of this condition?

Failure to have this brake fluid flush and inspection performed may cause a soft brake pedal (excessive pedal travel).

What will be the corrective action?

Nissan dealers will flush the brake system and remove the DOT 3 brake fluid and install new DOT 4 fluid. The dealer will also inspect the ABS actuator for correct operation and, if necessary, replace the ABS actuator with a new one. A new DOT 4 specification brake fluid cap will be installed and owners will be provided with an owner’s manual update for the new fluid specification

I have previously paid to replace the ABS brake actuator(s) in my vehicle and Nissan did not cover the repair. Am I eligible for reimbursement?

If you have previously replaced the ABS actuator in your vehicle due to a soft brake pedal or excessive brake pedal travel and Nissan did not cover the repair, access the Reimbursement Claim Form on this WEB Site and follow the instructions on the website once you have gathered the following necessary documentation:

– Repair order(s)
– Proof of payment [may be on repair order(s)]
– Proof of vehicle ownership

How long will the corrective action take?

This service, which is conducted at no charge to you for parts and labor, could take up to two and a half (2.5) hours to complete depending on the inspection results.  However, your Nissan dealer may require your vehicle for a longer period of time based upon their work schedule or if the ABS actuator requires replacement.

When will vehicle owners be notified?

Nissan will send notification to owners of all potentially affected vehicles within 60 days via U.S. Mail.

Are parts readily available?

Yes. Brake fluid and brake caps are readily available.

I did not receive a letter, how can I tell if my vehicle is affected?

Please provide your vehicle identification number (VIN) so that I can check if your vehicle is included in this campaign.

Is my vehicle safe to drive?


Will a rental vehicle be provided while the dealer is servicing the vehicle?

Please consult your dealer for alternate transportation availability while your vehicle is being serviced. If an ABS actuator replacement is required, a complimentary rental is available upon request while parts are on order.

I have lost confidence in the vehicle. Will Nissan replace or repurchase the vehicle?

The remedy will fully correct this condition. As the condition will be corrected, there is no basis for repurchasing or replacing your vehicle.

Is there anything owners can do to mitigate the condition?

Customers should have the brake fluid flush and ABS actuator inspection performed at their earliest convenience upon receiving notification of this campaign.

Is there any charge for the repair?

No, the remedy will be performed for the customer free of charge for parts and labor.

Will I have to take my vehicle back to the selling dealer to have the service performed?

No, any authorized Nissan dealer is able to perform the voluntary service campaign.

What model year vehicles are involved?

Certain 2009 Nissan Murano vehicles within a specific production range are affected.

How many vehicles are involved in the service campaign?

Affected vehicle counts are:

Country Murano (Z51)
CAN 4,640
USA 88,231
Guam 31
Puerto Rico 400
Total 93,302
Are you experiencing this condition on any other Nissan (or Infiniti) models?


2009 Murano Brake Fluid Flush Campaign
Please submit your reimbursement form via email or fax by downloading and completing the following form.

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